Wednesday, January 21, 2015

FLASH CADILLAC AND THE CONTINENTAL KIDS - st LP 72 w There's No Face Like Chrome LP 74 w Sons Of The Beaches LP 75

REPOST and ADD-ON:  From American Graffiti band to you.
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Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Jim H. said...
good stuff! i remember pinching this lp from someone (sorry) in the early 80's and really dug it! the band are even in an episode of US 70's tv show "Happy Days", playing themselves, except more 50s/greaser....

SEPTEMBER 17, 2014 AT 7:27 PM
John The Punk said...
This is no relation to Flash and the Pan. These guys are from Colorado. I saw them play three times in the 70's as a teen. I was thrilled to actually work for them/ party with them at one show.
This is an awesome album, one of my favorites. I can set you up with some more. I'll talk to ya later about it.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2014 AT 9:31 PM

jim kosmicki said...

great stuff - band was originally from U of Colorado, I think - they played a lot in the center of the country, that's for sure