Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Viv. Akauldren - Witness EP 89

REPOST Request:  Nice choice!  This a great lost classic.


Anonymous said...

I have a 192 kbps rip. copy with some attached tracks, but what we have here -beside the masterful music- is an up-grade, so Thanks a lot for this nice Audio quality copy. The album itself is a must for any Psychedelic/ Post-Punk/ Garage Rock.. fan. These dude are still unknown & criminally underrated regardless the soulful music they offered many years ago. Their music promises one of the best Psychedelic / Punk rock 'combo' the one can here from the 80's underground scene, so don't hesitate to discover the band. & Any case you don't know, after disbanding (or maybe a while before that) "Keir McDonald" started his solo Psych/Space Rock project "Medusa Cyclone", early 90's but really nothing less from a Viv.A founding member, you should check it too if you hadn't yet...// Anyway, Thank you very much for sharing Mr. uploader, for bringing this band into light & giving it a space in your blog too, appreciated,

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Wow thanks for the background on this band. I ripped this long ago and had bought it because I remembered they had played Mpls. scene a lot and were really well known then. Would like to find more to post so thanks for offering.

Prine9 said...

They are from Detroit. Saw them about 5 times between 86 and 89. They were amazing. Jeff Phrye (Tarlton) played bass and guitar, depending on the track, and sang. Deb beat her drums like a beautiful Keith Moon, and Kier played four or five analog snyths and was in a world of color all his own making. Every show was amazing. They and Spahn Ranch were the best live bands in Detroit's 80s post-punk scene. My favorite of theirs is Vivian's Fountain, but this has some great songs too. Can't wait to hear if this is an upgrade to my ancient rip of my battered vinyl.

Prine9 said...

Witness is their weakest effort. Do you have anything else by them? I could upload some of my stuff if you want.