Monday, October 6, 2014

CHINA CRISIS - Working With Fire And Steel LP 83 w EPs 83 w Difficult Shapes And Passive Rhythms Some People Think Its Fun To Entertain LP 82 w EPs 82 wHanna EP 84 w Flaunt The Imperfection LP 85 w What Price Paradise LP 86 w Diary of a Hollow Horse LP 89

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Camarillo Brillo said...

Thanks for the awesome China Crisis LP collection!

Anonymous said...

Thank You for your work.
Greats from Argentina.


Anonymous said...

You've really outdone yourself on this amazing blog. Thanks for all the great shares!!

Anonymous said...


Thank you very much!

Hernán said...

Excelente!!!... muchas gracias, saludos desde SGO. Del Estero, Argentina.

Anonymous said...

Link 2 of 4 is missing

I'm really enjoying this though, Thank you.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Link is restored

Anonymous said...

Many thanks! I'm researching China Crisis because of their connection to the late Walter Becker. - Stinky