Monday, September 29, 2014

STARK RAVEN - One Hundred Million Reasons LP 85

Back to the S-120 needle for all above posts.  At least now I have the headshell/cart to upgrade $70 to the Shibata needle as in the AT95SA which is 10X better than last weeks rips of their $30 baseline AT95E.  I got lucky with the only round tip needle as my store DJ supplier had picked it out saying round doesn't destroy the vinyl like elliptical can its by Numark and with the Audacity software somehow came up with a good sound at 384,000 kHz it added in to form an intense 'digital' treble on steroids that really got the neighbor dog howling but since we can't hear above 44.1 kHz I can use my old reliable Magix software with 2.1 boost.

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