Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Jimmy Smith Arranged by Oliver Nelson - Monster LP

Contains the original "Munsters" and "Bewitched" themes along with a couple movie themes.  I am testing my new AT95E needle here, but it turns out my Audacity software I have used over the last year was the real problem and the Guitar Center employee who recommends it was a DJ with 35,000 vinyl rips over 10 years (and bad teeth) and he finally admitted to me after I asked the right question that Audacity is just a freeware and no DJ's would ever buy files ripped using it!  I think he was protecting the market for his rips is what I think as I told him it was for a blog originally.  Good news is the ACLAB Magix I used before I moved in June 2013 for 2500 of my 3000 rips is good software/rips.  I switched because I lost the higher frequency settings when I moved and didn't have internet at home so I must have been using a patch.  Oh well, live and learn!  He says Sound Forge is acceptible so I will look for that for whatever, $30 - $40 big deal!


Donut "Duckface" Duck II said...

Another request being fileld:

Makes me wanna reconsider my usage of Audacity too since WDM keeps complaining about the audio quality of my own vinyl transfers...


Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

I just got Audio Cleaning Lab's Magix 2014--the latest version of my previous software and it seems it will only record in 44.1 kHz but also match the sound card for most is 16 MB and 192,000 kHz and said floating bit to 384,000 kHz conversion will match any 24 MB sound card sound. I have a ticket into their tech service so we will make sure I can match the lovely 384,000 kHz floating bit that I have used on the Audacity--I did read you are supposed to use max. setting.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

O.K. Duck, here is the answer I got from Magix tech support:
The software allows you to record at 96,000Hz in 24bit quality. That is the highest quality settings that the software has ever allowed.

Recording above 96,000Hz has 0 benefit and if anything can introduce distortions into the recording. That is why we do not offer it in the software. There is a good description here, regarding the differences in sampling levels:

Even above 48,000Hz then there is no extra audible audio material stored in a digital recording, all that is stored are sounds that normally cannot be heard or superfluous data, these inaudible recordings can distort other sounds, especially on badly calibrated systems. Some people say that they hear a difference, however, technically it is scientifically impossible to do so, our ears do not hear sounds in that range.
If you want I can send you the old magix