Friday, July 18, 2014

CATS - st LP 80

REPOST Better Rip:  O.K. with all the recent business about dogs, I couldn't forget my favorite 'Cats' band besides of course recent postings like Polecats, Hellcats, Kilkenny Cats, Splatcats, The Cats (who pale in comparison to the real deal here) and the best in my mind...the Alleycats.  "Tonight we're on the Prowl!!"


Anonymous said...

I saw the Cats open for Van Halen in 1980 and remember that "On The Prowl" rocked OK. Nothing else in their set made much of an impression, but they got decent applause and didn't get booed off the stage or anything. I'm looking forward to hearing this one. Thanks.


kingpossum said...

Thanks for the re-up. I recall this being decent melodic pop/rock, like the Cars but minus the quirky edge.

They opened for VH? Wouldn't have expected that one, but it's cool you report they held their own against Eddie and Dave's crowd.