Monday, June 2, 2014

MIKE WATT - Ball-Hog Or Tugboat 2LP 95

What a great tour this was launching the Foo Fighters and Mike Watt solo after I saw fIREHOSE on all their First Ave visits and after this also, it features a slew of all my favorite musicians at the time sitting in.  Been itchin' to hear this in my car so I had to digitize it!  As Mike's releases got better and better and are still available, I won't post the rest of my Mike Watt collection as the rest is on CD.  We don't really post stuff here that is on labels that are still around like Alternative Tentacles or Dischord, etc.

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Mason said...

Awesome! I saw Mike on this tour - he was just fantastic. Mediocre pop-punkers Hagfish opened, after which 3/4 of the crowd left. I got to meet Mike after the show (because there was basically nobody there) - my 15 year old brain could barely handle it. He was incredibly nice and talked to me about bass playing and firehose and the minutemen. Thanks for the up!