Monday, March 24, 2014

GARY NUMAN with TUBEWAY ARMY - First Record LP 78 w Peel Sessions EP 87 w Replica LP 79 then solo w Pleasure Principle LP 79 w Living Ornaments 2LP Box 79 and 80 w Telekon LP 80 w Dance LP 81 w I, Assassin LP 82 w EPs 82 w Berzerker EP 84 w White Noise (Live) 2LP 84 w Radio Heart EP 87

Links are fixed here and I have found some bonus tracks for the Telekon album and three live LP's here:
Chicago, IL - 04-28-01:
I, Assassin LP 82 w 82 EPs:
London, UK - 12-12-84:
Santa Monica, CA 7th September 1980:
Telekon LP 80 CD Bonus Tracks:

REPOST with Live 79 80 Box and 82 EPs ADD-ON:
GN and TA 1:
GN and TA 2:
GN 1:
GN 2:
GN 3:
GN 4:
GN 5:
GN 6:


valis said...

GN 4: just gives me : File does not exist on this server. A reup would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for the tunes!

Werben said...

Links are all dead. Can you please re-up? Thanks.

J.A. said...

I second that...

Roy Gisby said...

Please reup Gary Numan

meanie said...

Links are dead :(