Monday, February 17, 2014

GRIN w Nils Lofgren - The Best Of LP 76

Could have been a stones guitarist (see write-up).  Well I have finally fixed some sound quality issues which began when I started listening to my rips in my new car on the way to work and on headphones at work. Seems that my pre-amp receiver volume was too low and cutting off some high trebles making them raspy--I had lowered it to get rid of backround fuzz for headphones.  Also after losing the boosted-record feature internet add-on during a move for my ACLAB MAGIX software, I got Audacity without this and have been playing around with boost ever since up to last week where it was too high for the car speakers.  If you want me to re-master any old rips I can take boost out and cut off some treble (I don't like using effect buttons only pure sound) also I keep the really good records and would re-rip those.


Milord Teum said...

thank you so much for the new rare album's collection,best wishes

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much.