Sunday, February 9, 2014

Alex Chilton & Big Star - Stuff CD w Like Flies On Sherbert LP 79 w Live in St. Paul boot 7 2 2004 w Dusted In Memphis boot w Ocean Club In NY 77 w Feudalist Tarts w Beale St. Greene CD w 1st LP w the Boxtops live in St. Paul 7 4 99

REPOST Request:  I think the Beale St. Greene CD is the best version of the Big Star Ardent Studio Sessions 72 - 73 and What's Goin' Ahn demo and alternate versions of the same but they are all there to decide.  The very first CD I got from an old neighbor of any of this was Alex Chilton "Stuff" CD and it is still my favorite of all of this beyond what I mentioned above (love that Marshall Law song!).  Also threw in the Chris Bell - I Am The Cosmos two files I have.  St. Paul boots are shows I went to.  I have all three Big Star LP's on CD along with a newer official live CD but can't find 'em right now.  R.I.P. Alex a true original!
ALEX CHILTON  - Like Flies On Sherbert w St. Paul 7 2 04:
Alex Chilton - Dusted In Memphis w Big Star - Radio City
Alex Chilton - Stuff LP 1986 New Rose w Feudalist Tarts
Big Star - Ardent Studio Sessions [1972-1973] w Chris Bell - I Am The Cosmos
Big Star - Beale Street Green CD:
Big Star - What's Goin' Ahn - Demos & Alternate Mix
BOX TOPS 7 4 99 w Alex Chilton - Ocean Club NY 77


Queer Fish said...

Thank you SO much. Reading Alex's biography and really needed to hear more of his music.
Always find the greatest stuff on your blog. :)

Juan Duque said...

Thanks for this.. Saw Chilton in New Orleans, round 96, at Jazzfest.. Great show, great guitarrist, great guy.

Juan Duque..

Medellín, Colombia

Unknown said...

First of all, brilliant post!! thank you so much for sharing all those gems!!
I wish I had had the chance to see Chilton-Big Star live at least once!

Greetings from Brazil


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot excellent stuff.
Cheers Dan.