Wednesday, January 8, 2014

THE BLACKJACKS - Dress In Black LP 85 w Blood And Sweat LP w Live In Boston CD

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Anonymous said...

There are two bands represented here. The "Blood and Sweat" album is by a Vancouver band. Thanks for all of this Boston music. It is very hard to find. The local Boston music scene was so great and full during this time. Thanks again.

Jim H. said...

thanks much.....the Blackjacks were a misunderstood bunch here in Boston......leader Johnny Angel was a confident, big mouth guy that wrote great songs, and did so with his previous band (City) Thrills....they were always playing a lot back in '86-87, so you could pretty much catch them anywhere!!....thanks again!

d. said...

Here they are, the Blackjacks dressed in Black! Please, re-upload LPs. Thanks.