Wednesday, December 11, 2013

HELLCATS - st EP 82 w st EP 87

REPOST Request:  Sorry to the requestor, I don't have that other release of theirs.  As always post the link in the comments if you do and put it up for free at Zippyshare with no account needed!


Anonymous said...

Hello - I recently learned of this release after loving Starz for many years. I am confused about the cover art - is your picture the same record just F/B or is that two different versions. Lastly, it seems the original requester asked for another release from them... what other releases do they have... thank you, fantastic blog.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

These are two separate EP's. One could be promo as I have a lot cheap cut-out/promo used records. You can always tell if a corner is cut-out or sometimes they have a sticker listing all the songs on the front or just a sticker up in the corner--that I usually peel off to get a good cover shot. In this case I don't remember and these are the only records I have found by Hellcats but there may be more. Please post here anybody who knows.