Thursday, August 29, 2013

TRIP SHAKESPEARE - Are You Shakespearienced LP 88 w Applehead Man LP 89 w Across The Universe LP 90 w Lulu LP 91 w Volt EP 93 plus Video from PBS TV show

REPOST Request and ADD-ON:  Good choice by Stathis again as it has me yearning for my old scene in Minneapolis where I was born and raised--used to see these guys a lot at First Ave club.  As a special treat, I added on a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) TV show they were on that I taped on VHS and converted for my old youtube channel of a million views before it got taken down from copyright strikes.  Enjoy!  P.S. I didn't rip the 90 and 91 albums done at 192 kb/sec.  Go buy them!
Albums Part 1 of 4:
Albums Part 2 of 4:
Videos Part 3 of 4:
Videos Part 4 of 4:


Stathis said...

Thank you very much

Braulio Acosta said...

These are my rips in FLAC

Across the universe:!q142mbgA!W0bK3D2xPvtWjdFYjOtmMlu5P5gbTVOfL0x-jfsDGC4


I think I had seen the video you have posted here, but I can't remember what songs were in it, so I'm downloading it right now. Too bad zippyShare allows you to download so damn slow. Thanks anyway

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Thank you for the files Braulio. I personally ripped the video off TV when it was broadcast was posted before on my old youtube channel that got taken down again for copyright after getting 1.2 million views so you may have seen it there before. I also have videos/CD's from Trip band spin offs like Twilight Hours (Matt Wilson and John Munson), Matt Wilson solo CD's very good, Semisonic (Dan Wilson who is now Emmy winning songwriter with many hits) as I see you list these also in your bio.

Braulio Acosta said...

Hi again! I wanted to comment some links for some bootlegs I found on the web, but I haven't been able to upload them so far, so this time I'm just going to ask you something: can you post the lyrics of the albums Burn White and Blue and Twilight Hours? I want to sing accurately! haha