Monday, August 19, 2013

the Royal assassins - Open Up The Rivers EP 88 w st LP 88

REPOST Rerip:  O.K. I have finally found out my recent sound issue after the female theme posts.  My software had changed back to 44.1 kHz from 190,000 kHz (somehow the option is not in the menu now that my rip computer is offline so I might need to update the version--I'm trying to block the program's control of the line-in setting  which I have at 190,000 kHz first to see if that will work).  I took down the recent rips where I started using boost such as this one, the Blend, the Morell's, The Pursuit of Happiness, the Records, the Birdhouse, the Plimsouls and will redo them and add to some so hang tight.  I am posting this rip and the others today at 44.1 kHz since I already sold them off--see if it matters and let me know.

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