Monday, July 22, 2013

The Jazz Butcher - In Bath Of Bacon LP 82 w Marnie EP 84 w A Scandal In Bohemia LP 84 w Vs. Max Eider - Conspiracy EP 86 as JB Conspiracy - Distressed Gentlefolk LP 86 w Bloody Nonsense LP 86

Featured on the first two albums is David J from the Bauhaus posted here before--also guests on the 84 EP a member of the great Woodentops posted here before and a member of Embrace sitting in.  Luckily got to see the Butcher back in the day and they always put on quite an excellent rocking show.  Kind of a mix between Swamp Zombies and Style Council.
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Anonymous said...

just found your blog... excellent! thnx from argentina.

Anonymous said...

A bright spot of the 80's!

Mouldysauerkraut said...

Bath of bacon ? The closest situation I was to this was during a cramps consert, but it was a bacon (and wine) shower. Thank you for many posts, and for the 320 mp3! Did you have the Purple Helmets lps ? It was from the same era, but maybe not your cup of tea ? Oh yes, and if you could repost the Queers, it'll be great !

MARC POP said...

I found your blog and I am Jazz Butcher fan, and search Big Questions and Spooky.
If you have these?
Thanks a lot