Sunday, April 21, 2013

X - White Girl 7"

The Los Angeles X not the Australian X, but you probably already had that figured out.

This little piece of history from 1980 was released on Slash Records.

I have to admit, I don't recall ever hearing the song on the flipside, "You're Phones off the Hook (But You're Not,"before but it is a good rockablilly number.

I first posted this a while ago over on my own blog, but decided to post it here to so enjoy.


Brian Guy


longview dentist said...

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Woody said...

Thank you very much.

Brian Guy said...

Glad you all enjoyed this. I first posted it on my own blog, but since it seemed like no one visited my own, blog since it's more Country Westernish. I decided to post it here, and from the download counts that seems to have been a smart thing to do.


Brian Guy

GraemeSTL said...

You haven't heard the B-side??? It's the very first track on their legendary debut LP - 'Los Angeles' produced by Ray Manzarek.