Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Queers - My Old Man's a Fatso ep

The Queers need no introduction so I'm not even going to bother giving one. An interesting slab of wax here, two covers one the title track Angry Samoans "My Old Man's a Fatso," and Screeching Weasel's "Murder in the Brady House," plus to others.

Bring a huge Angry Samoan's fan I really enjoyed their cover of this song.

This was released in 1994 on Woundup Records of Kansas City, KS.


Brian Guy



Bernando said...

Talking about Queers, have you ever heard the band Yout of togay? They make HC and Punk covers but with a maleloving twist to the songs. Not at all the same as this great band but knowing your humor i think you would like the band.

Brian Guy said...

Oh yeah Youth of Togay is pretty out there. Some pretty twisted shit. Great play on a band name though.


Brian Guy