Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tribute to Legg's McNeill's Book Reading Last Night

 vip PKM 7 inch selections.rarWhat a great time I had last night downtown listening to Legg's McNeill and his co-author read from first his yet-to-be-released book-- a more recent story about his wife that died and then of course one of the greatest and hipest rock biographies "Please Kill Me" and for each story he had about a "Main Man Tour" for Marc or any of the other 7inch vinyl's shown last night--I was entralled and fed a few free drinks from one of his nephews friends as the new place will serve breakfast when it opens.  These vinyls all needed a new rip so enjoy and sorry for the 'Themus Interruptus" and will now continue my prementioned theme posts.  Couldn't find my Ramones 7" and the NY Dolls solo member stuff are on LP's not 7's.


gary F said...

Fuck yeah that sounds brilliant, wish I was there.

Brian Guy said...

Sound like an interesting time.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

I had a perma-grin all night...absolutely stunning is the new book and hearing about Dee Dee Ramone getting his thumb cut-off is just a trip in itself. Thanks folks.