Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mr. Beautiful Presents All Hard - v/a

This is a very under appreciated compilation in my opinion. All the bands are from the Boston, MA area and there are some well known bands The FU's, Gang Green and The Freeze on this but I think the lesser known bands are what really makes this compilation the great album that it is.

"Treat You Right," by Johnny and the Jumper Cables is great. I Think the Song by the Dogmatics, "Teenager on Drugs," sung to the tune of "Teenager in Love," is hilarious for a lot of different reasons, the singer Johnny Angel also sings with a lisp which makes it sound very interesting. The Blackjacks, "Last Angry Man," is another good song. The Swinging Erudites do a very bizarre version of "Yesterday," in which I think they go thru about every musical style you can think of from Country to Reggae.  "My Fate" by Scruffy Cat is a great  song.

Mr. Beautiful in case you are wondering was/is a producer

So, take a chance on this compilation if you find it, you can probably find it for about $15 it's a steal.

This was released in 1985 by Modern Method records

Good Stuff,



Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Wow, never heard this one--cool! I have a Blackjacks LP to post and someone wanted me to repost the Prime Movers EP and 7 at some point and it deserves a new rip. Nice!

Brian Guy said...

Yeah like I said this is really a great album that I think people over look, but it's really good. Live to hear more of the Prime Movers and Blackjacks.


Brian Guy