Friday, October 26, 2012

Best Defense - Six Gun Justice LP

OI! from Erie, PA. I'm really not sure how I feel about this album. I'd say that they love the USA and Hate commies judging from the lyrics and the label on side one. They also have the pro-working class songs which I enjoyed a lot more than the anti-liberal songs which got kind of boring.

Speaking of boring, I have to say that the singer Greg Olsen seemed kind of bored during several songs. His voice kind of reminds me of Jack Grisham of TSOL in a strange way. I guess that's why this band to me had more of a Southern California sound to me rather than say an East Coast vibe, but maybe it's just me.

You may already have a copy of this and be saying my cover art is different, well this is the vinyl version of the Pure Impact release. The Song titles are even in a different order. I do believe that the song versions are the same on both releases.

This was released on Haunted Town of Chicago, IL in 1999.


Brian Guy


Bernando said...

Got the CD version of this album and must say it fucking rocks. All is not great but they have their own distinct sound atleast.

Brian Guy said...

Yeah, I'd agree with you about the sound it is distinct.


Brian Guy

mrpoopy said...

I believe they were from Latrobe, PA, outside of Pittsburgh--most definitely NOT from Erie. Not even close. Haunted Town was not the first to reissue it, either--I think he leased it from a guy in Europe for a US release. A short-lived band, too, if memory serves.

Brian Guy said...

Pure Impact released in first and they are a European based label. Not sure where I got the idea that they where from Erie, PA.

Did they actually have anything released other than this album/CD?

Thanks for the clarification,

Brian Guy

mrpoopy said...

They were on that Spirit of Oi! American Style comp. Pretty sure they were a short-lived band and this was a tape that was floating around locally. I lived in the area around 89-90 and I think they were already pretty much history by then.