Thursday, May 17, 2012

On File - Monday Thru to Friday 7"

On File are from Dundee in Scotland. This is the only thing I have by this band and it's a real shame because I really enjoy the two songs on this seven inch record.

Monday thru to Friday is a great working class track. I love the PS of someone kicking a time clock, any one who has ever had to punch an old fashion time clock like this or an electronic on has had the fantasy of kicking the blasted thing.

This is just good old OI! I enjoyed both songs. I do have to admit that the song "Back to the Roots," left me a little confused. It says that "it" started in 1981. I'd say the OI! movement started long before that, but maybe I'm just missing something there. This is worth the download.

This was released on Helen of Oi!


Brian Guy


Bernando said...

Truly great band. I know you not that much into CD's but their Breaking Rules CD from 2010 and is bloody genious. One of the few bands that in myn oppinion still hasnt released a shitty record

Brian Guy said...

I'll have to look for that CD, plus it looks like they have released a lot of other things to.


Brian Guy

mark hutchinson said...

everything this bands released is amazing. playable again and again. breaking rules is phenomenal; a little tougher and tighter production - but i really suggest "Real McOi!" for catchier sing alongs and looser production a la Templars. (i consider these guys with Superyob and Evil Conduct the holy trinity of old guy matured Oi)