Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Grim Reaper - See You in Hell 7inch (one sided flexi)

I know that posting metal on this blog normally goes over about as well as a wet fart on a metal chair (no pun intended.), but I really had to post this flexi from one my favourite English metal bands. The only problem with this seven inch is you don't get the whole song only part of it, so this is for diehard fans only. With that being said this does give you a pretty good feel for the band.

There are a lot of pops and cracks on this, but when you realize that this flexi was released in 1984, I am surprised that it plays as good as it does.

Grim Reaper was from  Droitwich Spa, UK. and released three albums "See You in Hell," Fear no Evil," and "Rock You to Hell." The first and last being the best. They even had a couple of videos make it to MTV's Headbangers ball, which I used to watch every week forcing me to watch some of the worst hair metal bands of all time, but that's another story. Little gems like this band was the only reason that watched the show.

I hope that you enjoy listening to this little piece of history as much as I did.

This was released jointly by RCA and the Ebony label in 1984. If you ever listened to the albums, Ebony had really horrible production values and some times the songs on the albums come across as rather thin. Once RCA bought the rights to the music and I believe remastered them Grim Reaper sounds a lot better


Brian Guy


Danny said...

It's cool that you post (old) metal!
Keep doing it!

Brian Guy said...

Glad that you enjoy it. Thanks for taking the time to comment.


Brian Guy