Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stalker - Skrupel - Arome Noir split ep

What we have here is a split ep by two German grindcore band: Stalker and Skrupel. Now it looks like I am the third or fourth owner of this little platter which means one of two things, 1. it must be gawd awful or 2. good but not good enough to keep. To me it looks like a little bit of both are true.
Well, I have to say that Stalker pretty much bored me. It started out pretty good but then just did nothing. Every sound sounded the same, it was like they where stuck in 2nd gear and couldn't get out. Skrupel, I liked I thought they did a good job of making each song sound different.
This was released on Thought Crime out of Berlin, Germany.
One last thing what's up with the back cover? They have a picture of the cast from the old TV western Bonanza on the back. Why?
Oh well,

Brian Guy

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