Friday, February 17, 2012

T rotsky Ic epick - Baby LP 88 & Presents Danny And The Doorknobs LP 83 & part of The Ultraviolet Catastrophe LP 90

Please click the title text above to download this and I will quote the WMMR program manager's note as reason why I am following Brushback's method's at One Base on an Overthrow blog of partial posts, "this band used to sweep me under and into their sweeping pop melodies. NO MORE. SST will go under if they keep these guys on regardless of their wonderful past work...CUTS WITH REDEEMING QUALITIES, tracks 2,4,10 & 12." Also I think the DJ's or someone scratched out the other tracks so I couldn't include them if I wanted to (they did suck like he said) but luckily the good tracks are here. Members included alumni from LA indie groups The Last, Urinals (100 Flowers,) Middle Class and Leaving Trains.

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Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Fans can follow the Wilkipedia link on this post to find the band's My Space and more importantly the website to purchase the second "Poison Summer" LP from 86 as I only have here the first one as Danny and the Doorknobs. Also, I'm going to get (but not post...hey Brushback)the "El Kabong" LP from 89 but steer clear of any more. So no more of their posts from me.