Sunday, February 26, 2012

SUPER HEROINES - L.A. Riot Grrrls - The Best Of 82 - 85 LP

Please find a link conveniently above in the title words for this 1 of 300 limited blue vinyl release.


ido said...

I just posted "Cry For Help" on my own blog. Obviously good taste thinks alike.

One of my personal favorites. "Cry For Help" is a perfectly crafted death punk album. "Souls That Save" is more sprawling, open, and dramatic. That is mostly due to the addition of bass player extraordinaire Jill Emery. She really added a whole new dimension of musicianship and songwriting. Wish they had put together more material, or there were some live performances floating around out there. Eva and Jill formed the musical backbone of SHADOW PROJECT, an absolutely stellar band featuring Rozz Williams.

Bernando said...

My older sister used to play Night stalker for weeks without end. Hate/Love it.

ido said...

Bernando, a few years ago, my younger sister and I were both visiting our parents. She was blasting horrible music, so I put on SHADOW PROJECT to drown it out. After about 10 minutes of escalating volumes, by father opened both our doors and yelled "Turn both of your respected crap down right now!"

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Thanks Ido and Bernando for keeping up the good fight for awesomeness in all things! I was thinking of posting the entire 'Nightstalker' TV series about monsters my dad and I used to watch in the seventies along with Rockford Files..LOL
P.S. found a weird time portal at high noon while out of work got to watch the whole series and it seemed to reflect my situtations very closely in each days episode. Funny it didn't really happen when "Gunsmoke" took it's place and I watched all those as it was my grandfather's favorite program.