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Burning Sensations was a short-lived Los Angeles area rock band. The group is best known for its MTV hit "Belly of the Whale", the music for which blends a rather unique fusion of rock and calypso styles, and for covering the Jonathan Richman song "Pablo Picasso", which was included in both the 1984 film and soundtrack of director Alex Cox's Repo Man starring Harry Dean Stanton and Emilio Estevez.

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[edit] History

Burning Sensations formed in 1982 and disbanded in 1987. The founder and leader of Burning Sensations, Tim McGovern, was previously a member of The Motels.[1] He is currently fronting the classic rock band Knucklehead in the Pacific Northwest.

[edit] Members

Burning Sensations included:
Tim McGovern - lead vocals, guitar synthesizers
Rob Rio Hasik - bass, guitar, synthesizer
Barry "The Hatchet" Wisdom - Drums
Morley Bartnof - keyboards, backing vocals
Jeff Hollie - saxophones, backing vocals
Michael Temple - hand-drums-timbales, percussion

[edit] Discography
Belly of the Whale EP (1982)
Burning Sensations LP (1983)[2] – Capitol/EMI Records, produced by Tim McGovern and David Jerden "Not Cloudy All Day"
"Beat Temptation"
"Belly of the Whale"
"Maria (You Just Don't Know What You're Dealing With)"
"Sea Shanty"
"Is This What You Mean?"
"Down on the Corner"
"I Don't Live Today" (Writer: Jimi Hendrix)
"Afrobilly (Live It Up)"

Repo Man Soundtrack (1984)

[edit] References

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Anything by BS -- other than "Belly of the Whale" -- is extremely hard to find! I was really excited to see this recent post. I've been looking for this and the 1983 album.

But, daaaaang! This has already disappeared from Mediafire?

Sure hope you can re-up soon. Thanks for all the good work!

CAC - California Anonymous Coward

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Well at least the EP is back up. Anybody GOT the LP to share? Please?