Friday, January 13, 2012

Bullshit - United the voice of Oi! LP (1993)

Oi! from Sweden
Found this rare little piece of Oi! history for a hefty price and finally found time to rip it. A-side has some skips but there is nothing to do about that.
This was the first brave attempt at recording by members that would later play in Guttersnipe.
Click here for their second LP and click the headline for this LP.


Jay IRC said...

Thanks for this one, B. That other record of theirs was pretty good, in a weird kind of way. Good to see there's another one.

Bernando said...

Sad to say but neither the record itself or the rip is quite aweful when compared to their later LP.
Still has some good songs on it though if you can look past their broken English

Bernando said...

--neither-- = both
Maybe i should check my own English before complaining haha.