Wednesday, December 14, 2011

V/A - The Oddities Of Oi! / The Joys Of Oi! *REPOST*

2 Oi Compilations From U.K.

The Crack/The 4 Skins/The Strike/The Last Resort/Section 5/
Sham 69/The Magnificent/The Business/Angelic Upstarts/
The Guvnors/Blitz/Close Shave/Prole/The Gonads/
Orgasm Guerrillas/Alaska Cowboys/Vendetta/Lord Waitral/
Cock Sparrer/Legalise Rape

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don said...

thankx for reposting! these 2 albums bring me back

Brian Guy said...

The Alaska Cowboys are one of those mystery groups for me. I have only heard the song off of this comp and one other song off of another comp, but no nothing about the band or any other releases. Herpes in Seattle is a better song than Oral in Orleans in my opinion. Anyone know anything about this band?
Thanks for posting this Bernardo.


Brian Guy

Brian Guy said...

Sorry Jay, thought this was a Bernardo post.