Monday, December 12, 2011

Neil - Hole in My Shoe 7"

Neil is Nigel Planner who played the character Neil in the UK sitcom The Young Ones. This is done as the total hippie that the Neil character was. If you have never watched or heard of The Young Ones this will be something that you'll most likely really hate. I find it pretty damn funny but, I love this type of humour. Too bad that Ade Edmondson never did something like this with his character from the show Vyvyan, or maybe he did and I just haven't heard it. This was released in 1984.


Anonymous said...

killer post! a real raritie. the video for the song is funny as well

Bernando said...

Used to watch that show all the time. Rare old British humor. It dont get any wierder than that.
Thanks Brian

Anonymous said...

No Vyvian song as far as I know, although the Living Doll single the Young Ones did with Cliff Richard for the charity Comic Relief features all the main characters....

A book on the Vyvian character called "How to be a Complete Bastard" was released; worth hunting for if you're a fan.

Love the blog,


Anonymous said...

The other Young Ones vehicles worth checking out are Bad News which was part of the British Comic Strip series and Rik and Ade did some Saturday Night Live skits that were later compiled as The Dangerous Brothers on VHS. Both are worth a good laugh. Used to have the VHS tape a decade ago and now that I thought about it I hope somebody out there has pirated both shows for re-release in some shape or form.

Brian Guy said...

Thanks everyone for the comments. I kind of remember seeing Bad News on some show on MTV in the mid-80's I'll have to look for the book and the single with Cliff Richard.

It's funny my wife HATES the Young Ones and Bottom, I think they are really funny. When I watch the DVD's she looks at me like I am crazy, maybe it's the hysterical laughter.


Brian Guy