Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Marc Riley & the Creepers - Polystiffs 7"

Marc Riley & the Creepers from Manchester, UK. This 45 is from 1984. Good New Wave feel to it. They where also known as The Creepers.


Bernando said...

Thanks Brian. Good stuff

Brian Guy said...

I hate to admit it but when I first picked this up I thought it was a split 7inch, but was even more pleasantly surprised at how good this was.



the saucer people said...

And of course Marc Riley started with The Fall. I saw him and the Creepers a few times in the early eighties including a gig at a working mens club in the north of England which was bizarre!
For the last twenty odd years he has been a DJ on the BBC radio as well as an occasional TV personality when things like Glastonbury are broadcast...the lad did well!