Friday, November 18, 2011

CLOCKS - st LP 82

Please find nestled above in the title text a link to this band who I think their hit song by Steve Swaim called "She Looks A Lot Like You" sounds a lot like the other hit song from a year earlier by P.H.D. called "Little Suzi's On The Up" both old AOR hits on our old KQRS or KQ92 in Minneapolis (which was cutting edge when it started in the seventies with 20 or 30 minute songs mixed with sixties rock--now it's just modern rock but I haven't heard it much since grade school--just the famous morning show), the first station I listened to but less after Gary Numan broke in '79 as I spent more time in my sister's room listening to Talking Heads, B-52's and Ted Nugent "Wango Tango" lp. I had two older brothers who influenced me as well, one prefered the Beatles, Elton John, Chicago, Doors and Buffalo Springfield while the other prefered the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Tom Waits and their rooms were next to mine. So I dumped the Zeppelin and started listening to Minor Threat, JFA, Faction, Agression, etc. But hell, the song "19" here reminds me of my favorite dance-to band of today, the Electric Six. Cutting edge stuff on this one.

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Danny said...

I know and like this one!
Thx for the '78-'82 records you're posting here. I'm checking them all out and most I like.