Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Tunnel Rats - Our War is Never Over cd

This is a special request for Laurent. The Tunnel Rats from Dover, NH. This CD was released by Baloney Shrapnel and Wound Up back in 1997. As far as I can tell it is long out of print. I really enjoy this band a lot. Love the CD cover with the old school New England Patriots type logo. I mean how can you not like a band that is into the New England Patriots, and I say that as a fan of the Pats since 1975 when they sucked. Anyway back to the music. Good release, but the little sound bites really gets old after a bit, but I did enjoy the Bobby"The Brain"Hennan sound clip. They cover GG Allin, Angry Samoans, Redd Kross and Hollywood Squares, all this and songs about the Patriots and NFL. as for posting Hellstomper, I'd love to post the Haulin' Ass CD, but it's really too available and still imprint, I do have some Hellstomper eps that I will rip and post as time permits.


laurent said...

Thanks a lot for Hellstomper & the Tunnel Rats. I've just learnt the connection with the Queers. Now that I've heard this album, it makes sense.

Brian Guy said...

No worries. I love the Tunnel Rats a lot, I don't own a lot of their stuff unfortunately. As for Hellstomper I'll post some more of their stuff and more COS stuff at a later date.


Brian Guy

Dr. Drunk said...

Keep the COS coming. Great stuff!