Saturday, October 1, 2011

Antiseen - Mean Woman Blues 7"

One last Antiseen post. Another onesided 7" from 1998 on Our Area Records. Incase you're wondering why all the Antiseen stuff. Well this was part of a recent record buying hall in Toronto, ON of all places. Who would have thought that someone would be selling Antiseen stuff there.


Bernando said...

Was missing some of these. Not my favourite band but still good.

Brian Guy said...

Always a pleasure to be able to help people with stuff they don't have. I've always liked most of the COS type bands. More than most likely will post some more of their, or other COS bands stuff down the road.


laurent said...

Oh yes, it would be cool if you could post more Confederacy Of Scum. Thank you for this!

Anonymous said...

That girl on the cover I believe is Dana from Demonic Christ and Mythic which was a pittsburgh band she was in with metal Mary. Supposedly the first all female Death metal band to make a record. She's a bit of a nazi too if you read the racist shit she says in interviews.

Brian Guy said...

Laurent, Yeah, as soon as I get off my fat ass and sort through some stuff, I will be posting some more COS material. If you have anything in particular that you are looking for let me know and if I have it and it's not in print, I'll post it. thanks for your comment.

laurent said...

Thank you Brian Guy.
In fact, there's several bands I'd like to hear : The Tunnel Rats and Hellstomper because I don't have anything from them, except "The Last Hoedown" from Hellstomper.
And Rancid Vat, I love them, but I think I already have a lot of things since I have "Rancid Vat VS The Rest Of The World" & "Darkest Souls In R'N'R".
But of course, anything you'd post will be cool!