Monday, August 8, 2011

V/A - Bernando says... Duck and cover Vol.1 (2011)

Oi! from U.S
(A bootleg celebrating bands that can ignore the big bad violent skinhead cliché and actually does something new with songs you never thought they listened to in the first place.)

The artists that get covered are: Gloria Jones, Elton John, Kim Wilde, Bon Jovi, Blondie, The who, Sam Cooke, Bob Marley, The Undertones, Jim Carrol band, Buddy Holly, Merle haggard, Peter paul and mary, The stranglers, Fleetwood mac, Hank williams.

Go here for full bandhistory and discography of the bands who appear on this bootleg. You can also listen to all the original artists there.


Sam Sinister said...

Really cool idea, B. Thanks!

Jay IRC said...

Yep...thanks, B. Is it on Skinpride yet? ;)


Bernando said...

Your cover of Bad moon rising will be on Vol.2. My dream though is hearing an Oi! version of A king at night by Bonnie 'Prince' Billy. I am thinking of starting a skinhead cover band haha.
Check the song out for size

Jay IRC said...

Sam and I have discussed this before, but I want an Oi! version of "I Love It Loud" by KISS.

Bernando said...

That would work.
How about TOTO - Africa? I can see Sam going crazy on that track.

Jay IRC said...

Ummm...TOTO may be a little bit of a stretch for me...but Sam may be into it. Just a little too "cheesy 80's rock", I think.