Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Haggis - Stormtroopers of hate CD (2003) + 2 musicvideos

Oi! from Norway

Haggis - The vikings are comming

Expensive musicvideo for one of the songs on the CD.

Haggis - History Lesson 1


mrpoopy said...

I don't know about that first video, dude. I mean I certainly did my share of drinkin' with the boys as a lad and there was nothing I liked better than throwing my arms around other guys (preferably with their shirts off) and jumping around, dry humping their asses or dry humping their bare asses or writing shit on their bare asses, etc.. Yesiree, Bob, gooood times! Miiiiighty satisfyin'!


I saw way too many skinhead guys acting like that back in the day and where there's smoke there's fire, methinks. Perhaps, if they had just came out and admitted they were faggots, I could have halfway respected them, but they preferred the fake tough guy act, instead. Some serious confusion going on with some of those dudes.

Anonymous said...

It's called male love and it's a beautiful thing where i come from. When i work in a factory where we packed fudge for a candycompany we used to hug like that all the time. Nothing wierd.

mrpoopy said...

I had no idea. I feel like such a culturally insensitive jerk now.

A fellow packer said...

Were you in the Local 69 Fudge packers Union while employed at the candy factory? I tried to get in, but there is no way I could pack fudge like those guys! Watching them in action is truely a beautiful experience. You can just feel the male love in the air!

mrpoopy - Support your Local Fudge packers Union, or before you know it, its going to be Mexicans that will be packing your fudge.