Sunday, August 7, 2011


Please refer above to the title text to click a link and be sure to search for part one of this compilation by searching for more FEARGAL SHARKEY (old Undertones frontman).


ArchisBald said...

Hi Via, Jay IRC, Record Nerd, and Down Underground,
Its JuggHead,
I've been in the 'promised land'. I disappeared cause I got promoted and landed a career-track job. But, Ive also got some music to share, as I have still been collecting music...I wondered if you'll all have me back??? Let me know where to e-mail ya'll. I miss being able to hang out w/ you guys, hope to hear from one o ya! TTYs>Rg's aka JH

ArchisBald said...

Hey Jay IRC,Viaman, Record Nerd, Bernando, and Down Underground!

Its JuggHead,aka Archibald,
How are all you guys? I've been trying to establish my namesake at a career track job. Good news is I don't have any more money problems finally, and its working in higher education-so I don't feel too bad w/myself, I'm actually helping others get what they need/want. Anyway I have a bunch of music, and would like to come back, if ya'll would have me. Let me know what yer e-mails are so we can talk...I'd love to be a guest poster.Miss you guys-By the way, awesome Feargal Sharkey, ViaC you still got great taste. This was a favorite band at one time-when I was just starting to germinate romatical interests-thanks!!

ArchisBald said...

Whoops for got to check the follow up box, Hope to hear from you guys>JH

Jay IRC said...

Juggs, I'll shoot you an email. Keep an eye out.


Sergej said...

Link is dead.
Please, can you reupload Feargal?