Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Useless Pictures Of My Day To Day Life
Part of my trip to & from work

My Battlewagon

A bums temporary home.This is part of my job.Clean up after people who leave trash on my property,including bums who live like this.Obviously this one had bowel problems (lucky me),notice the brown spot in the center of his lounge chair.

Work isn't bad.But I'm always glad to be home...

Visit South Florida.We Rely on Tourism...sadly


ahem said...

are there any recordings of Sacrosanct? i'd be really interested to hear your old band if it's not too much trouble. thanks!


LOL,Your not the first to ask.
I have them...
Unprossesed ghetto blaster recordings (not half bad some)
But they are on cassette.
One day I'll be brave and try something new and buy the device that transfers...I just haven't been motivated or cared too much.

Your not missing much.
I think we sucked...but then thats me lol.

Ya know!I'd love someone to do that dirty work for me.
I'll send my demo shit to you if you clean it up,cut it up (make seperate tracks of it)and put it to Mp3.
That would rock!!!
For me to get the stuff to do that would be kinda useless for me since most of the stuff I have is already been Mp3'd

Thanks for asking Ahem!

PS:I asked Aesop from "Cosmic Hearse" to do that for me as I sent him my demo's but I'm sure he's a bit busy.

Anonymous said...

Comment last heard...Whoops, awww maaaannn, party fowl..you spilt the soup!

Papst Benedikt XVI said...

visit south florida? easier said than done! it would cost a lot of money if the u.s. of a. would decide to let me in! which I´m not so sure!

justin said...

Reminds me of when I worked in downtown LA. Found myself pretty close to the hobo life at one point too.

Regarding tapes to mp3, I have the stuff if you want to send that my way, but it's all Radio Shack, low budget stuff. I don't know about cleaning it up in terms of mixing but I can certainly record it as is and seperate it into tracks. Let me know at my site.

ahem said...
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ahem said...

actually, i can help you out here if that's what you want. i have decent equipment for it. send me an e-mail: r40f.com@gmail.com